The project team is looking forward to bringing this project to life and know that it will be a new remarkable addition to the Coral Ridge area

Nick Polyushkin

Nick Polyushkin

The developer

Founded in 2012, a real estate company Vera Realty is a recognized leader in its industry in South Florida. Working with the most diverse types of residential and commercial real estate, the company has repeatedly proved its professionalism in fulfilling the claims of the most demanding clients.Vera Realty owes its fairly rapid growth to its founder, Nick Polyushkin. The charismatic team leader`s great personal contribution to improving the efficiency of companies, increasing brand value and its awareness in the market, as well as developing a competent customer-oriented policy which distinguish Nick Polyushkin`s firms from many companies, have rightfully been marked significant awards.

Anthony Cosentino

The architect

Having long - term experience in the construction of a wide variety of single-family residential facilities, high-end waterfront houses, apartment buildings, commercial facilities, as well as experience in carrying out unique renovation work in Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie, Keys, COSENTINO ARCHITECTURE, Inc. (2007) is distinguished by the development of projects of houses that differ in style, including modern, Spanish eclectic, coastal and modern.

The company's founder Anthony Cosentino has more than 25 years of experience in the field of architecture with a proven track record. Practical approach, communication, reliability and simple principles of designing space and form are the features of Anthony's professional experience.

John J. Haley

The engineer

Being a civil engineer for 22 years, John J. Haley, P.E., has worked from different offices from Hollywood to Stewart.

In his projects, John J. Haley always uses economical design and thoughtful engineering.

John J. Haley's fame lies in the use of reliable and effective engineering practices, often alternatives to those that were unreasonably proposed at the beginning of the project.

John J. Haley is characterized as a conscientious and honest contractor.